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Brake Disc Rotor Reverse Aircon 203mm Black

Brake Disc Rotor Reverse Aircon 203mm Black


Brake Disc Brake Rotor Reverse Components Aircon 203mm Black (Single) …

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Less heat = more power
Heat Management is the major problem for most brake systems. This is why we worked in the development process with one of the biggest brake suppliers in the industry to develop a solution to improve performance. We came up with the AirCon System - an efficient heat dissipation system for all brakes.

Due to a clever and simple 3 piece Disc Rotor with cooling fins we were able to reduce the maximum temperature of the brake. In fact, 50 °C less temperature after a one minute braking - and the disc recovered to room temperature 20sec earlier.

What you will experience on the trail is that your brake will not fade that easy and that your brake will have more power due to the optimized heat dissipation. Combine our AirCon disc with our new AirCon Disc Pads to increase the function of the system even further.

- Size: 203 mm
- Mount: IS 6 bolt
- Compatibility: No restrictions (except for Fox 32, QR15 x 100)
- Weight: 218 g (+/- 5% weight tolerance)
- Material: Steel (Disc) / Aluminium (Cooling fins and Star)

- Improved cooling rate by up to 7 %, better braking performance
- Anodized and laser engraved

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